Connecting asset operators, investors and lenders.

COLUMBIA Finance has extensive experience in maritime investments and asset management services including the supervision of third-party operators.

About Us

COLUMBIA Finance is designed as a platform aiming to connect asset operators, investors and lenders. We provide consultancy services including but not limited to flexible finance solutions as well as comprehensive asset management services to the wider maritime industry. With tailor-made solutions around real asset investments we cover the relevant investment circle ranging from asset identification to asset sale. Our team actively monitors the operation of the underlying asset and prepares conclusive investor reports to keep close track of each investment.

Finance Solutions

Market research and feasibility studies
Asset identification and deal structuring services:
Involvement of trusted maritime partners
Capital allocation including financing options
Risk mitigation
Advice on investment material and identification of reliable partners
Deal execution with all stakeholders

Asset Management

Comprehensive asset management services for each investment.
Development of accounting procedures
Budgeting and cash flow planning
Administrative responsibility and investment reporting
Supervision of third-party operators
Asset brokerage


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